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A year ago, my close friend was in his final days of life. Only a few months prior, he helped me through the grieving stages from having lost my friend, Janet, and my precious Terrier-Poodle mix of 13 years, Elvis. Here I was again, about to be forced to say goodbye to another friend. This friend was also my spiritual teacher; his name was Jim Dixon. During our discernments, he taught me a mind hack that would involve a deep focus on a memory of Elvis and allowing that memory to soothe me. Jim would explain that “the mind doesn’t…

Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash

It’s said that “like attracts like and that opposites attract” in the final days of 2018, two very depressed women with different personalities attracted one another. They met during a warm day that December; the younger one was walking with her terrier poodle mix when she picked up on an instinct to look up from the book she was reading. She suddenly found herself transfixed in the enchantment of a perfectly groomed yard that attracted butterflies and birds. …

Cristina Trujillo

A collection of stories inspired by real life.

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